How To Write Engaging Emails For Your Campaign

Engaging Email
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You probably get a lot of emails.

From spam to important ones, email is the most popular way to send information, ask questions and check up on things. In fact, over 200 billion emails are send everyday.

Thats right! 200 billion with a big B.

But, you only get a fraction of that number and even in that amount, we rarely read even half of them.

Now imagine, you are the average employee. You are going to get around 50-100 emails a day. What emails will you read first?

Well obviously the interesting ones?

Ones from your friends and colleagues. Not from a business!

That right there is the biggest problem marketers, bloggers and business owners have.

Their Number 1 Challenge.

Here are 5 tips to implement when trying to write engaging emails that get read!

1Use Their Names!

This is a must. 

Using someones name is extremely important. It shows to the reader, that they are of an importance to you. It starts the process of creating a relationship, which is exactly what you want to do!

You want to make the email personal, if you want it go get read. The best way to start this process is by using their names.

2Personalization, Personalization and Personalization

Personalization is the most important part of your email. It doesn’t just occur only by using people’s name.

You need to shape your email to address the receiver’s personality.

Use the data you have on them, and shape your message to them, their specifics.

The point of this is to highlight the connection you and the receiver has.

Also use a personal email, not a corporate one. This again is supposed to build into the whole idea of personalization.

3Story Time!

The best emails are those that entertain. If you are able to tell a story or make your reader laugh, the chances of getting a lead go up.

A Story is better than figures!

So how do you exactly write a story that works?

Well, its quite simple. You need to dramatize your story and make it compelling.

Something like the TV commercials you see. Did you notice at how the dramatize everything to make it seem like a great product?

That is exactly what you need to do.

4Be Genuine

Being a great conversationalist is what makes a successful business person.

Business people know how to speak. They also knew how to listen.

If you want to attract leads and customers, you need to be interested and genuine. If you care, people will start caring as well.

You need to encourage people to talk with you. Take a look from the other person’s perspective.


When you write an email, your goal should be to connect with your readers, in an attempt to improve relationships and increase sales.

If you actually treat your readers as unique being when writing an email to them, the response will be greater and more successful.

Now, go out there and write your emails!

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