How To Design The Perfect Facebook Page

what makes a great facebook page

Facebook, is the largest social media network in the world today with over 2 billion monthly users.

That is huge. Being so, it makes it perfect to build your personal brand on it.

And doing that, start with making a facebook page.

In this guide, you will learn what makes a great facebook page.

Let’s jump right in!

The Truth About Facebook

Okay, let’s be honest. Facebook isn’t the new kid on the block anymore. Over 70% of facebook users today are over the age of 25.

That age is also the reason, facebook currently has a lower cpc that Adwords.

But Facebook still has the best platform to create your personal brand on.

It has all the tools to provide any business with the exposure it needs to succeed.

Setting Up Your Facebook Page

Setting up your facebook page is an extremely simple process.

But first, you will need to set up a facebook group for your page. You need a group to start building your audience.

So, what is the difference?

Group: A group is just as it name says. It is a collection of users that share an interest. Groups are the best way to start a conversation, target specific audiences and post your links.

However, remember not to spam. Spam isn’t allowed and will result in you getting banned from the group! Something you never want.

Page: This is what can be called a profile, but for your business. Pages have access to analytics, create ads and allow group posting.

You can post photos, have an about page and create other tabs.

This is basically a facebook profile but for your business.

Here are the simple steps to creating the best facebook page.

1Fill out your Information

  • Go to the url:
  • Choose one of the categories out of the choices ie. local business, company etc.
  • Fill in any other information necessary to actually create the page. (Don not start writing in any of your tabs.)

Doing the steps above will create a basic outline page for you.

Now we move on to filling out your category tabs, that are located on the left.

About Page: You will get 155 characters to write something about your business. It is basically a description. The best way to write this section is just by being as descriptive and helpful as you can.

Url: Self-explanatory. Put your url here.

Profile Picture: This is where your main profile picture should go. It can be your picture or the logo of your business. The best dimensions to use are square ones.

2Cover Image

Once you get to this point, your page is already live for the world to see. But, it is time to customize it even more.

Your cover photo is the photo that goes right behind your profile photo, almost like a banner.

It appears on top so it is a great place do deliver a message. Something that your brand support or draws attention.

The ideal dimensions are 815px X 315 px.

3Fill out your profile

It is now time to fill out your profile completely. Go to setting and then click page info.

Once you are there you will see information that is yet to be filled. This information can be extremely helpful to a visitor so fill it out.

After you have done that, add collaborators to your page. You can set people as admins, editors, moderators, advertisers and analysts.

That’s it. You have created your first facebook page. It is that simple.

You are probably thinking, this is just a general how-to. How can I make my page actually better.

Here are some tips!

Tips to Include in your Page to Make it Great

1) Make sure your profile photo is something recognizable

You want to choose a picture that your audience can easily recognize. The best pictures are either logos or a picture of yourself.

Being recognizable will allow you to be found with ease. It will also show up as the thumbnail image that gets shown in people feeds.

2) Cover Photo Choice

Your cover photo needs to be the most attractive thing on your page. It is what takes up the most space on your page so it needs to be attractive.

3) CTA

CTA or call to action button is the best thing you can implement on your page. These are things like,”Watch the video” or “Read the Article” buttons.

Creating a call to action button will increase your chances of getting leads and followers. Having this is extremely important!


While creating a facebook page may seem like a tedious process, once created it can bring obscene value to your company.

By creating and including the tips provided in this post, you will be able to create a great looking page.

Now go you there and start creating!

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