How Do I Receive Funds via the Global Payment Service? – Payoneer


How Do I Receive Funds via the Global Payment Service? Payoneer is the new way of getting paid for freelance work and services. It provides a method in which people can send or receive payments for freelance services etc.

Why use payoneer?

Payoneer is the best way to send and receive payments to people that are non-Us countries. It allows something that pay-pal doesn’t. Without payoneer, many freelancers wouldn’t be able receive freelance earning and affiliate commissions from US companies if they used pay-pal.

Pay-pal requires a US bank account which can be a problem for people living in other countries, for example India. They wont be able to receive payments through pay-pal.

It also allows its users to withdraw payments from their account to their local bank account in local currency while at the same time withdraw funds at ATM’s worldwide. This is a very big feature which has made payoneer quite popular outside of the US as an alternative to Pay-Pal.

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source: Payoneer

How to get started

As a payoneer user, your first step will be to register. Go to payoneer and begin the sign up process. Fill out all the required details and attach a government issued ID like a passport or driver’s license.

Once you finish, your application will be send for review upon which, once approved you will receive confirmation that your card will be delivered.  This entire process will usually takes a few business days.

That’s it!

Once you receive your card, activate it and you can start receiving payments from anywhere around the world.

Payoneer also allows you to send payments across the globe but this requires a different type of sign up. You can learn more at Payoneer. You can sign up to become a sender by using this url: Payoneer sender.