How to Use Facebook Contests to Grow Your Company

What is the best way to run a facebook competition

Facebook Contests are free.

People love free stuff.

“Free” things can ramp up the value of anything and have incredible influence. By running contests for your audience on any social media platform and giving something away can be extremely beneficial for your startup.

You can see where I am going with this. People (Marketers) have been using free contests and prizes to attract new customers since a long time. I am going to share with you the way they do this; The best way to run a facebook competition.

But why social media?

Social media already has a lot of benefits for new businesses. From using it to attract new customers to being a platform in which advertising is available, social media has it all.

Running contents on social media has a few benefits. The main being, a small investment can give you are large reach. The Rate of Return when using social media has no bounds.

The goal when running any of these campaigns is to attract more customers.

How To Attract More Customers Through Contests!

This method is the best way to run a facebook competition.

Here it is:

There are few steps you will need to follow in order to generate results from your contests the first being Setting A Realistic Goal.

It is talked about all the time. Goals are how you achieve things and setting realistic ones is really important when trying to grow your startup. You will need to set specific goals towards which you can work on.

Something like:

  • Generate new leads and traffic
  • Increase My Brand Awarness

The next step, is to determine your contest type. There are many types of contests you will find on Facebook. Here is just some of the many types:

  • Instant Win Contest
    • These are easily manageable contests in which the contestant immediately knows if he or she has won.
  • User-Generated
    • Fans can submit images, videos etc and other fans vote for the winner.
  • Quizzes or Tests
    • Fairly, self explanatory. Contestants take a quiz or test, if they are able to “win”, they get a prize.

The point is to create a contest that provides maximum value to all your followers while at the same time providing a way to achieve the goal you set before starting the contest.

The first step when creating the contest, is choosing a time frame. This is extremely important. Having a short time frame, can result in fewer contestants and having a large one can do the same.

The best contests are those that last from either 25 or 60 days.

Now that you have the time frame set we will need to create some requirements. Remember what your main goal is. You will need to create a list of requirements that each contestant has to satisfy in order to win.

These rules will be there to protect you from fraud and also provide your contestants what they need to do for participation.

Now we go onto building the actual page.

Your Contest Page

Creating a contest page is extremely simple. Start with a creative title. I can’t stress this enough. An attractive title means everything. Make sure it includes what the participants can win and the sponsor of the contest.

In the body, write the viewers a clear and simple message that has great visuals. This is the most important part of your contest. Using strong visuals makes your contest more enticing and attractive, while having a clear and concise message provides quick and easy information.

Finally, create and promote your contest. After creating your facebook contest you need to promote it. Here are a few things you can do:

  1. Promote on other social media networks
  2. Use Facebook Ads to “boost” your contest page
  3. Send emails to all your subscribers
  4. Add it to your website

Monitoring your Contest

Make sure to use a good contest app. Any good app will have build in reporting. You should also use your Facebook insight and Google alerts in order to monitor your contest.

After the contest has ended, follow up on all contestants. Doing this can provide  a major benefit to your company by creating a better customer to company relationship.

You should email all contestants, say thanks and provide them something for just participating. This is a great place to send a survey as well.

With all this additional feedback, you will better your relationship with your audience by using it to better future promotions.

In Conclusion

Facebook contests are a great tool to grow your start-up with. They allow you to create better relationships with your audience. The method shown to you in this post is the best way to run a facebook competition. Use it and experiment.

But do know, these shouldn’t be one time things. Consistent effort in creating your contests and reviewing your strategy for each one is the only way to know what your audience likes and how they will respond.

Do you use facebook contests? If so, how do you do it? What do you think is the best way to run a facebook competition?  Share your Thoughts Below!

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