Have you just started a blog? Are you looking for best ad networks for bloggers to monetize your low traffic website?

If the answer is yes, you know how hard it is to find those Ad networks which are supportive to new bloggers that will also give you fast approval.

Adsense, the most popular ad network today, is a great ad platform but for new bloggers getting Adsense approval can be very hard. Small/New blogs usually wont get Adsense approval. 

Because of this, the new blogger has to find reliable and trustworthy ad networks which they can use to monetize their blog right now!

And I am about to share with you just that: 5 Trustworthy and Reliable best ad networks for bloggers.

Ad Networks for New and Rising Bloggers:

source: popads

This is a premium ad network. Many consider it to be one of the best ad networks for new/small publishers as they have no minimum traffic requirement.

What’s further is that PopAds promise to offer 100% fill rates and allow every type of blog out there. All you have to do is signup.


  1. High CPM rates
  2. No Minimum Traffic requirement
  3. Least payout is $5
  4. Offer Automatic Money withdrawals


  1. Payment options are limited
  2. Rates dependent upon where traffic is coming from
source: PropellerAds

This is a CPM network, and is the best for new bloggers. All you need to do for this Ad network is:

  • Sign up
  • Create an AD and place it on your blog

The average rate for this network would be between $1-$4 for 1000 views.


  1. Easy to get started
  2. Accepts all websites/blogs
  3. Direct 1-1 support via email or Skype


  1. Poor user experience for your visitors
  2. Limited payment options (Doesn’t support PayPal)
  3. Rates dependent on traffic quality (ie. if not from US, UK, Europe, the rates drop significantly)
source: Bidvertiser

Bidvertiser is one of the oldest Adnetworks in the market. They have a diverse range of ad formats which means more ads and more ads = more money.


  1. Provides multiple ways to earn ad revenue
  2. Can earn multiple commissions through the same action
  3. 100% fill rate
  4. Low minimum payout


  1. Lower CPC compared to AdSense
  2. Daily earning vary
  3. Ads don’t match the content on your site
source: chitika

Chitika, in the past was the best alternative to Adsense. However, over time many other networks replaced it but if there is one thing that is the same, it is that Chitika one of the best ad networks for bloggers especially new ones.


  1. Low minimum payout
  2. Easy to use
  3. No minimum traffic requirements
  4. Great Support


  1. Zero-tolerance policy. One invalid click will ban you from the service.
  2. Only Monetizes on Search Traffic. If most of your traffic is from social media sites, etc. use another network.
  3. Takes time to get approval
  4. Not the best for making money
source: Infolinks

Infolinks is a very popular ad network used both by professional bloggers and new ones. It is very supportive of new bloggers.

Infolinks offers a lot of ad types but is most know for its in-text ads.


  1. Easy Approval
  2. Extremely Customizable Ads
  3. Timely payouts


  1. Minimum payout is $50
  2. Revenue isn’t as high as Adsense
  3. CPM rates depend on Traffic quality


Being a new blogger can be tough so it is good to have a list of all the best ad networks for bloggers you can apply to. They might not generate as much revenue as Adsense or might not be as popular but they will provide you with the joy of your first online income through your website.

A Few other networks you can check out:

Be sure to check out all of the Ad networks above and use more than one of them!

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