How to Create SEO Friendly Title Tags for All your Blog Posts

SEO Friendly Title Tag

SEO is very complicated. Any blogger that has spent time working on their SEO, will tell you the same thing. SEO has so many little elements, it seems almost impossible to fit them together perfectly.

But, the elements are there for a reason. They have been perfectly created to make sure you, or anyone else for the matter at fact can succeed.

And one of them is Title tags.

Yes, title tags. It can be one of the most boring SEO topics but hear me out.

Title Tags are basically the second most important page factor for SEO after actual content.

It tells people what your article is about. You have to make a headline that is at the same time, clickable and SEO friendly.

Seems easy? But here is the catch: People need to like that headline also.

That can be very difficult!

But first, let us understand why title tags are important for SEO.

The role of Title Tags in SEO

So what is a Title Tag? It is simply, a headline.

What do I mean by this?

Well, suppose you google “Toys for Babies”. One of the results is probably from Toys”R”Us.

In this example, the title tag is “Baby Toys – Toys”R”Us”

People and Search engines see this first and assume is the title of your page.

Your tag is basically your page’s message. It is what will make people decide if they want to read your page.

In sum, there are two main reasons why title tags are important:

  1. A clear title tag is a sign of a good page
  2. It is what people will see if your page is shared on any social platforms.

How to optimize your tags

Write your tag

The first step, is just writing your tag. Write it the same way you write any of your other headlines.

In some cases, your tag will be the same as your headline.

But remember, your title tags needs to be short. This means if the headline on your page is long, you need to create a new title tag which is shorter.

Title tags also need to show a benefit. What this means, is that they should be representative of your page, and something that want people and search engines to know that you have something unique and valuable on that page.

Create the tag

Now, I know what you mean. You say, I just wrote the tag so what is this suppose to mean.

You need to set the tag you wrote as the title for your page. Meaning set that tag to what people will see when they look up your keyword.

Make sure your title tag is optimized for SEO

This is the step most people skip. They think they are done once they have written the tag, but that is not the case.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind, while reviewing your tag:

  1. Make your page heading different from your tag
  2. Don’t have any other title tag that is the same. Meaning make sure that none of your other articles have the same title tag.


SEO is a headache. I know this, you know this, we all know this.

But it doesn’t have to be. By making sure to take care of little things here and there, it can become so much easier.

Title tags is one of those things. This little factor will have a big effect  on your rank. So make sure to write a short attractive title tag that is SEO friendly using the steps shown to you in this post.

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