SpaceX’s successful 11th rocket landing


Another of SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rockets  arrived back on Earth tonight after resupplying the ISS. This time, the rocket touched down at the organization’s arrival site at Cape Canaveral, Florida, called Landing Zone 1.

This event continues SpaceX’s record. Up until this point, every one of the five endeavors of the organization have successfully landed. As of today, SpaceX is in control of 11 Falcon 9 rockets that have traveled to space and back — either via arriving on ground or on one of the organization’s ships.

Why is this landing special?

For this flight, SpaceX used a Dragon capsule that had been to space some time recently. The Dragon used, flew on SpaceX’s fourth payload resupply mission for NASA back in September 2014.

SpaceX become the first organization ever to successfully launch the same vehicle into orbit twice with this mission.

The Dragon had 6,000 pounds of equipment and resources on it for the group of the ISS. NICER was among the equipment dragon was carrying. It will be mounted on the ISS to search for neutron stars in an effort to further understand them.

In the long run, SpaceX plans to continue reusing its Dragon payload cases pushing ahead. That way, the organization can sooner shut down the production of the dragon and work on another spacecraft: The upgraded dragon.

They hope that this vehicle will carry people to the ISS and back. It will also be able to land on earth using thrusters, rather than relying on parachutes.

SpaceX Thruster Landing

This landing was extremely important as it was a major breakthrough in the market of space tourism and space exploration. Not only will this landing create more competition and attraction in the space market but also increase it’s popularity resulting in faster advancements.

You can learn more about SpaceX here: SpaceX

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