Social Media Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

how to market through social media

Social media advertising is one of the top most ways to brand your business. Its free, and if done right, can benefit you tremendously. However, if done wrong, it will do the exact opposite. To avoid that, here are 4 tips that will answer how to market through social media.

1Not acting on negative comments, but also putting too much importance on them

This mistakes seems confusing. Let me explain. In this day and age, negative comments appear everywhere, and to most businesses, ignoring them is the right way to go – “Someone’s always going to hate.”

But negative comments are an opportunity to get to know what your customers want. Responding to those comments and most importantly, acting upon them, will help your increase your credibility and customer base. However, this doesn’t mean you give into nonsensical ideas. The point is, make sure to act on negative comments but don’t put too much importance on them.

2Not analyzing your marketing campaign 

In order for your marketing campaign to fulfill its purpose, its crucial to check, analyze and understand your performance. This will allow you to know what works and what doesn’t. Looking at the statistics will show you what you need to focus on and what you need to stop or start doing.

So make sure to frequently look at your statistics and compare them with stats before your marketing campaign. This will greatly help with learning how to market through social media.

3Not posting regularly or posting too much

Often times, business make the mistake of thinking that a nice image with good details is all they need to keep things going. Not posting regularly is a missed opportunity to interact with your customers. Which means you are limiting yourself from greater results.

While posting too less is a problems, posting too much is too. Doing this will make your brand seem irritating and immature. Potential customers are more likely to unfollow you or just overlook the content that you post if you over-post.

4Posting the same content

Posting the same content all the time can give customers the impression that your brand is boring and or that it doesn’t have much creativity in it. To avoid that, post content that will keep them waiting for more.

Your content should engage your customers and at the same time, give them information on new product information. Posting in a variety, like images, videos, etc., is a way to do this. For inspiration, look at some of your other competitors and try to understand their strategy.

Advertising on Social media can be very hard. There are many factors you have to keep in mind while working on your marketing campaign but if you avoid the mistakes shared in this post, making a successful marketing campaign on social media will become so much more easier and effective.

Are there any other tips you know that will help with social media marketing? What do you do when social marketing? Do you know how to market through social media?

Share your experiences below!

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