SEO is something every website owner worries about. They know that they need to have a higher SEO and in order to improve their rank , they look for SEO ranking factors. It is something all of them want to know. However, with more than 200 different ranking factors are needed to keep in mind when implement SEO, it is not possible to cover them all. Which is why people focus on just a few.

Due to this reason, it’s obvious that some of the most basic and easy ranking factors are overlooked.

But now that you know this, you can take advantage of it by improving your website using the SEO factors I am going to share with you and increase your website ranking.

Overlooked SEO Factors

1Internal links

Internal links are hyperlinks on one webpage to another page on the same site. For example, suppose you own a blogging website. Internal linking would be inserting a hyperlink in one of your posts that would lead to another one of your posts. By the concept, you can see that internal links are often missed in an article.

Luckily anything isn’t permanent on WordPress. You can go back and edit your posts. When you do, link two or three of your other posts in the one you are editing. What this will allow you to do is create a better index of your website which will improve your SEO.

Doing this will also establish a site’s architecture which makes your site more user-friendly which in-turn can increase your website ranking.

2Outbound Links

One of the biggest overlooked ranking factors of SEO is outbound linking and it often irritates new bloggers or bloggers that are learning about link building. These are links that will direct you to another webpage or website.

This obviously scares bloggers as they believe, linking to other sites that have similar posts will have their audience migrate from their site to the linked one because the linked one is better than their own.

However, this thinking is wrong. You can improve your SEO with Outbound links!

3Updating Content

Updating your content can be very tedious and is often times forgotten. But search engines love fresh content. Take Google for example, Google loves blogs more than websites because of one reason only: Blogs update frequently. Google places emphasis on fresh content than old ones.

Revisiting old pages and updating them to keep them aligned with the most recent information will raise your SEO and increase your website ranking.

4Image to Text Ratio

There is an old saying, a picture speaks a thousand words. It is important to put images in your text to keep your readers engage and improve your shares. Many times, long articles that aren’t accompanied with info-graphics or pictures have low SEO scores and high bounce rates. It can be very tedious to read text without pictures to help absorb the information given out.

Adding pictures will keep visitors reading while also lowering your websites bounce rate, another important to keep in mind. So make sure to add plenty of pictures in your posts.

5Click-Through Rate

Click-Through Rate or CTR is very important for SEO.

You should look for pages on your website with low CTR and re-write the page with better titles and descriptions that will get clicks. Those extra clicks will drive your traffic up and bump your page higher than your competitors. This will improve your SEO score.

You can find CTR by using Google’s Google Search Console or GSC and by using the following steps:

  • Login to GSC
  • Head to Search Traffic
  • In Search Traffic, head to Search Analytics
  • Tick the CTR checkbox

In short, there are many factors to keep in mind while working on SEO. But being over 200 ranking factors, many easy to implement factors are overlooked. By inserting the factors shared above, you will not only definitely improve your SEO but also increase your website ranking.