Amazon Affiliates WordPress Themes: Do you want to monetize your WordPress website using Amazon affiliate program?

It is known that Affiliate commissions are one of the best ways to monetize a WordPress blog. They serve as an extra weapon in order to maximize profits from your blog. So solution is Amazon affiliate program. 

Affiliates usually earn between 4-8% per sale. While this is very low, the main draw is the variety of products available for you to promote.

In fact, many top net vendors and bloggers earn good money by creating niche websites whose sole purpose is to promote the products they choose.

Decided that you are going to commit to affiliate commissions yet? If so, you will definitely be interested in knowing that Amazon affiliates has the world’s most popular affiliate program.

Here is a list of the best wordpress affiliate marketing theme:

Rehub Amazon affiliate WordPress theme

Re-hub has all the qualities of the best wordpress affiliate marketing theme available. It can be used for a variety of purposes ranging from standalone blog that act as a portal to your “shop” to a digital product shop.

When I first started using this theme, I was amazed at the amount of options available for you to use. It is also constantly updated with new features which makes this theme a must buy and of a kind.

In total, this theme is all you will ever need to get your affiliate commissions!


Fresh Store Builder isn’t a wordpress affiliate marketing theme. It doesn’t even require WordPress or any other CMS. But it comes with a WordPress theme so you can combine it with WordPress.

In order to use this all you need is a domain name, hosting and an amazon associate’s account.

Fresh Store Builder is one of the best software you can use to earn money by promoting products from Amazon.


This offers all the features you need to build an affiliate website to promote all the products you select. I can guarantee you that you can find the theme perfect for your needs.

This single page wordpress theme also offers extra tools that can be really helpful. For example, it offers WooXZone, WooZeone Contextual, Discount Finder etc. all free of cost.


4Ultimate Azon

Ultimate Azon is a great wordpress affiliate marketing theme if used correctly. This theme is very unique in the sense that if offers you a great comparison tool that you can use to compare products on a website.

This can make your life a whole lot easier and faster. If you want a theme that will increase your productivity ten-fold, I suggest you use Ultimate Azon theme.



Making an amazing affiliate website is not very easy. It requires you to constantly import content and takes a lot of you time. All this can be simple, is you use the Zeno WordPress Theme.

Zeno WordPress theme will get you all the tools required for you to successfully run an amazon affiliate website. With one click, you can import products, modify descriptions and much more.



Datafeedr makes affiliate marketing easy.

The objective of Datafeedr is to provide you with data feeding processes without having to worry about any coding and with just one click of a button have products displayed on your site.

This is also a must have. It will allow you to run your site with complete ease.