New Moto Z review

Moto Z Review
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With the unveiling of the new Moto E4 and the Moto E4 Plus, it is time, to go back and see if they are worth, the hype they are creating.

Their biggest competitor will be Motorola’s Moto Z. Here is a review of the Moto Z to help you decide which phone is going to stay at the top.

Overall Ratings

Overall rating: 8.5/10

Design: 7.5

Features: 9.0

Performance: 9.5

Camera: 6.5

Battery: 8.5

The Pros and Cons of the Moto Z


  • Attractive, light and well built
  • NFC Supported
  • 13 MP primary camera that works both in daylight and low-light
  • Different Mods
  • Flash for better selfies
  • 4G support
  • Water Resistant


  • Battery is non removable
  • Not Water Proof
  • Hybrid SIM Slots so you cant use 2 sim cards and an SD card
  • Weak Battery Backup
  • Mods are expensive to buy


This phone is a very reliable and powerful device that can stand up to the top of the line phones. However, the Moto Z is really only worth buying if you are willing to invest in at-least one of its mods.

The standalone design of this phone is very bland and the absolute stock of Android software make this phone very “bland” If you really want the true experience of this phone, you will have to invest in mods for it.


The Moto Z is for users that are willing to spend a little extra money on their device to add an entire new angle for the phone. However, if the mods are taken away all you are left with is a very boring looking, fast and thin phone that has some quirks to it.