How To Do SEO For Your Long Form Content

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Long Form content is the best way to go in today’s market. Those who have written one, know that while it can be a lot of work, it makes a great difference in search engine rankings.

Long form content gets you more of what you want – visibility, engagement, social shares, back links, traffic etc – while also increasing your domain authority.

It is extremely clear that Long form content is extremely beneficial for your business/website. So how do you rank it once, you have created it?

Well, that is what I am going to share with you in this post : Find out 10 SEO hacks for ranking your long form content!

SEO Tips For Ranking Your Long Form Content

1Keyword Research

Keyword research is where everything starts. Even before writing your content, you should take your time and find the best focus keyword on the topic of your choice you can.

Ensure that you carry this task out correctly, as it plays the largest role in determining how successful your content is going to be in search engines.

Additionally, make sure to target long-tailed keywords. These are the types of keywords you should be targeting as they are easier to rank for, and are able to drive high targeted traffic to your website.

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2Optimize your URL

While this may seem like an insignificant step, it has been shown again and again that cleaner. shorter urls not only help search engines understand what your content is about but also, overall, give readers with better user experience.

Remember, short and concise!

Additionally, make sure to include your target keyword in the url, this will allow it to rank higher.

3Correct Headings and Writing

Headings and what you write obviously play a huge part in your ranking however, make sure to use power words in both your headings and writing.

Your content needs to be full of “emotion”.  It has been shown that there is a direct link between the number of emotional words and the amount of social shares of a post.

Use power words in your content.

Here is a list for some ideas!

4Add Inbound Links and Outbound Links

Inbound links are links that refer to a page/post in your content to any of the pages on the website. Internal or Inbound links are one of the ways, bloggers use the tell google that other pages on their website are relevant to the content you just wrote.

They also have some other added benefits such as:

Outbound links, however, are the opposite of Inbound links. These are links that refer to related pages about your topic aside from your website.

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5Optimize your Title Tags

Title tags are essentially for ranking high. They enhance your page’s visibility and are often one of the first things readers look at in the search results.

A correctly written title tag alone can bring in drastic traffic increases.

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6Make Sure Your Content Is Scannable

Let’s be honest. The majority of readers on the internet, will no take the time to read through your entire post or book if it is over a 1000 words.

On average, only 20% of your content will actually be read and understood.

In order to make sure your readers truly understand and get the value out of your information, you will need to optimize your posts.

This means you will have to write or use:

  1. Short paragraphs
  2. Bullet points
  3. Bold items
  4. Short sentences

By using these, your post will be scannable and thus be able to give the majority of readers the information they need quickly. This will not only improve user experience but also make sure they keep coming back to your website/blog.

7Visual Content

I cannot stress this enough : No one wants to read a 1000 plus word article that doesn’t even have pictures or infographics. It is extremely tedious to do.

Your content needs to have supporting visuals to help the reader along and rank higher.

So what exactly is visual content?

Well it can be anything from entertaining videos, images, diagrams, charts etc.

For example:

You can learn more about visual content and how you can create it here: A Complete Guide to Visual Content

8Adding your Keyword and Related Keywords in your Content

Whenever, you write something, make sure that you are including your focus keyword in the body of your content.

Don’t overdo things but also make sure to include it at least a few times.

All this will do is let search engines understand how important your focus keyword is while it is crawling.

You can also include some related low competition keywords as well. That way you can rank for more than one focus keyword.

Remember, include your focus keyword and related keywords in your content a few times, but make sure to not overdo it.

9Make it Interactive

One of the easiest ways to increase traffic, seo and engagement rates all at once, is to include or embed interactive content/media into your content.

It can be anything from a tweet or video to a quiz. Anything that will get your reader to perform an action, be it clicking a link or pressing a button.

This is the best way to keep your readers attention and increase your conversions as well.


Finally, the most important tip I can give you about writing and ranking a long form content is including a clear CTA in it.

It can be anything: a question that prompts thinking, a request to share, link to download a file etc.

Don’t write a 2000 word post and forget to include a CTA, leaving your readers to say, what next ? What do I do now?

Most CTAs are clear and specific. Make sure yours is too.


Long form content has been proven to be, by far, the most effective in allowing you to place yourself as an authority in any topic.

However, this can only be possible once if you can rank your content high enough for it to be seen by everyone.

This is where these 10 SEO Tips come into play.

These basic tips will allow you to craft the best piece of content for any topic anytime.

Just remember, to follow all these tips and have patience. SEO is a long term thing, not something that will happen overnight!

Now go out there and start creating!

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