How Instagram Influences Your Life

Instagram Influences

It is rather difficult to imagine life without Internet and social networks nowadays. The same with life of young people especially without Instagram. There are still unicum people who do not have it but we shall talk about those who do today.

So, what Instagram? To begin with, Instagram is a photo blog. To have Instagram means to pictorialize a series of events online. People take photos and post them in their Instagram for others to see and leave comments. There are options to tick off this or that picture next to a like or dislike button to express one`s attitude to it.

Along with that, one may feel free to follow a friend, colleague, relative or even parent (yeah, there are forward-minded folks who photo blog themselves). This way one can be aware of every new event or thing happening to their significant other. Thus, you will never miss anything new they happen to taste or visit because food and travelling are probably the two most famous things to share with on Instagram.

Having Instagram has a big influence because once you have it, you become addictive to it. Whatever you do, you feel like you need to post it on Instagram to show the rest. In addition, it helps to “communicate” with those ones who live far away and there is no opportunity to see each other. You might hate cooking but sometimes feel like it and cook something even you did not expect from yourself. It would be a shame not to take a picture of it and not to post for friends to see.

Instagram though might have a negative impact just as well due to constant seeing of somebody`s ‘perfect’ life. It is important to keep in mind that people rarely take those photos and post them for everyone to see on which they look unattractive. The ones we see are usually posed. On some people were caught off guard. Statistics shows that very often such ones are the most apt. In most cases though we see posed selfies.

Just like to put into depression, social media may help to put one out of it. Sharing helps to express oneself, to make it possible for close people to see you being at the distance. Moreover, following others, you get to know new things. For example, new food and drinks, new places you could probably visit sometime too or take a note of for now. It helps to refine oneself; it changes our worldview, our habits.

Of course, the importance of live communication remains essential but when there is no opportunity to meet a person due to living in different cities or countries, social media is the way out. By means of Instagram, we get news in pictures, which is fun.