How To Improve Your SEO By Using Outbound Links


Improving your SEO is something everyone that owns a website wants to do. And when it comes to SEO, most owners speak about inbound links and how it will improve SEO rank. In fact, many bloggers, businesses and companies will spend hours in inbound linking to improve their position in the search engines.

In this case, Inbound linking is part of their strategy. But they forget about Outbound linking. Including Outbound linking is one of the biggest search engine optimization tips anyone can give you and often irritates new bloggers or bloggers that are learning about link building as many times they forget to use it.

The obvious question that arouses is why?

Why do bloggers overlook outbound links? They must have a good reason! 

Well do they…

The incorrect opinion about outbound links

The most popular reason bloggers that don’t use outbound links believe is that they think linking to other sites that have similar posts will have their audience migrate from their site to the linked one because the linked one is better than their site.

Other reasons consist of explanations about how outbound links harm their site by causing page authority to drop from their site and pass to the linked site.

However, All these reasons are completely bogus. To understand why, we first need to understand what outbound links are.

Outbound Links and their importance

Well outbound links are self-explanatory. They are links that are meant to take you elsewhere, links that will direct you to another webpage or website. Outbound linking is very important because it is a useful tactic when you are look to improve not only your search engine ranking bout also your site authority.

What do outbound links do for you?

1Fulfillment of information

Let’s get something clear, no matter how great your site is and how great your content is, you are always guaranteed to miss some information. You will never be able to give all the information to your readers or say all the things necessary to be known. Because of this fact, it makes sense to use the internet for help as it is full of information that will allow you to give all the information necessary for your readers to known. Outbound link will help with this.

2Increase your Credibility

Outbound links will improve the engagement for your users on your website while also increasing your credibility. Search engines judge your links on where they are relevant on not. If they find that your links are relevant, that will increase your credibility, which will in turn increase your page rank as the search engines will now trust your page.

3Makes your site more valuable and a better resource

Search Engines know that outbound linking is the most important way to increase your rank in search engines and make your site more valuable. Take Google for example, which view your outbound links different then your inbound links. It trusts outbound links that are linked to high authority sites because it believes that those sites are more valuable. This increases your ranking as you are sharing information that is believed to be correct and has higher priority.

While Outbound links are very important, you have to be careful not to link every website you use. All links will affect your sites ranking, good or bad.

Outbound links come in two types: Natural links and Unnatural links.

Make sure to include Natural links, which are good. They are sites that are editorial choice links. What this means is that they are popular sites with lots of users that provide accurate information.  Unnatural links are bad and should be avoided. These are links that while may provide information, it may be wrong or extremely biased. 

Long story short

If you are looking for increasing your rank in the eyes of search engines and your credibility, outbound links are a must. When using outbound links, there are a few things to remember. The main one being to always link relevant information from blogs or sites that have a high authority. Always avoid Unnatural links and remember to not go crazy with the number of outbound links you use.

Use outbound links on your website and watch your SEO rank grow!


  1. Really nice post… I know, outbound links do help blogs rank especially when you give an outbound link to a high pr site like Wikipedia.