5 Easy To Use Growth Hacking Strategies for Startups You Need To Use

growth hacking strategies for startups

Is building a huge audience for your startup a goal?

Of course, it is.

Everyone that owns a startup wants more users, subscribers, signups etc. But their problem is they don’t  know how to quickly get more of them without paying too much.

But, the secret to getting a huge audience isn’t in how much you spend but in out of box thinking with your marketing.

This is the kind of growth that is often called growth hacking. It is a way to promote your business not only through marketing but through all channels. Here are 5 growth hacking strategies for startups you can use.

Launch A Referral Program

One of the easiest way to develop a following is to join the referral market.

This basic strategy is where you allow readers.customers to promote your website, product or service for you. Doing this effectively is extremely easy.

You don’t need to build a referral program from scratch, you can use the hard work others have done for you.

Tools like Ambassador, will allow you to solely focus on product promotion while they do all the hard work and handle all the details of a referral program.

Use Trade Shows

Trade shows are an immense opportunity for those who are willing to attend them.

Trade shows have a few benefits:

  • Allow you to Gain knowledge and exposure to new trends in your niche, which can stimulate ideas
  • Learn about your competition

But most importantly, trade shows allow you to expose yourself to the press and other retailers and vendors.

This is an extremely important benefit as by leaning and learning from other retailers, vendors and the press you have the possibility to gain immense business and following.

Try to Get Featured In a Publication

The best way to build brand awareness, get a spike in traffic and gain a large following quickly, is to get featured in a major publication.

Since, major publications already have a large following, even one featuring is capable of bringing in large amounts of conversions and readers.

So start building relationships now. Share the contents of large publications, engage with their editors, interact with their audiences.

Become A Large User of Your Own Product

If your companies product requires user input, you are in luck. Often, companies with these types of products struggle to gain traction with the few users they have, however, these companies can break out of this cycle with ease.

By becoming a large user of your product, you can lead where your product will go. For example, the founder of Quora, Adam D’Angelo.

In the early days of his company, he answered a ton of questions, which later lead to more in-dept responses, essentially setting up Quora to what it is today.

Create and/or Host a Contest

Another way to attain explosive growth for your startup is by hosting a contest.

Contests are often considered an artificial way to get users, but this strategy has been used by some of the largest websites today to do the exact thing.

Take Youtube for example. It grew into the largest video-sharing website the internet has been til date by offering an Ipod Nano to users who uploaded videos and help grew the platform.

This is the kind of contest you are looking for. Something that will bring in people’s attention and force them to participate and stay.

The only difference today, is that contests are much easier to host, and one of the best platforms to host a contest is Facebook.


Growing your startup is extremely easy if you are able to use creative marketing. Instead of spending money on the same old, same old advertising, you need to be thinking out of the box for results.

You need to be using growth hacking strategies for startups. There are many proven  methods out there that will help you grow your business. Even simple promotional items hold the power to propel your business to fame.

So start now. Use the growth hacking strategies for startups found in this post or research and implement other strategies. Think outside the box, as it is the easiest and the fastest way to reach your goals.

What are some growth hacking strategies for startups you use?

Share your ideas below!