The growing addiction of the internet

Growing Addiction

What is Internet Addiction? In today’s world the internet is the driving factor of basically everyone’s life. Everything in today’s world is in one way reliant on it. Because of this, people have started to get addicted to the internet. They have become basically like addicts, not being able to live without it.

How did this start?

Ever since the internet started growing, more and more people started to use it. At first, it was a very useful and reliant tool like scissors or the umbrella. As it developed, with the rise of web browsers like internet explorer, people had started to use it more often. They started to use it for every little thing. As more websites were created, more and more people began getting hooked on it. Everything got worse with the launch of google and YouTube.

What is it like today?

Most of today’s youth are addicted to the internet. They use it for everything, ranging from school work to entertainment purposes. As of today, there are over 3.26 billion users of the internet; over half of them are youth.

What will this be like in the future?

There is no doubt that in the future, more and more people will get addicted to the internet. As our dependence on it grows with the rise of the tech industry so will the people that get addicted to it.

Growing Addiction

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