How to Generate More Social Media Traffic as A Small Blogger or Entrepreneur

Social Media
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One question that puzzles many new entrepreneurs is how to get traffic from social media.

Social Media is growing. Today, there are more social media platforms that your fingers and toes can count. But many marketers aren’t taking advantage of them because they don’t know how to get traffic from social media by utilizing less popular ones.

When you think of how to get traffic from social media, what do you think of doing? It probably isn’t using other social platforms.

Let’s back track a bit.

Answer this question.

When you think Social media, what do you think of? I think of Facebook or Twitter.

For you, it might be Instagram or Pinterest.

But there has to be more platforms than that. Right? All of these platforms are filled with large companies and blogs that attract large amounts of unique visitors every second. There is no way a small blog or website like yours can compete for attention in these popular social media platforms.

So, where are some other places you can find lots of traffic and an engaged audience?

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Here are 5 social platforms that you can use to find large amounts of engaged and loyal traffic and generate more social media traffic!

This is going to be one of the more, if not the most popular sites on this list. But, I am pretty sure you haven’t thought of this site as a source to attract traffic from.

You probably think it’s a waste of time because it may not be as large as Facebook. Well here’s the thing- as of December 2016, Medium has reached 60 million unique visitors a month!

That’s right, 60 million individual visitors a month. Ever since its creation in 2012, this platform has just grown and rapidly at that.

What this site gives to marketers is amazing. Let me explain…

You see, Medium runs on things called publications.A publication is basically a category, A topic which people follow. Writers are able to submit articles they write, to these publications. If one of those publications likes what you have written, they can and will promote it to their audience. And they have a very large audience!

Give this site a try! Make sure your articles that you write a simple. Basically you want to follow the following steps when writing an article on Medium:

  1. Find a Medium-Primed Idea.  Something controversial or interesting.
  2. Make the headline attractive. Make it engaging and interesting.
  3. Share it.

Reddit has just  been getting more popular as the years go on. The site currently has around 150 million page views a month. That is a large audience you can use.

But don’t get too excited. Here is the mistake most people make on Reddit. They market themselves too much or try too hard.

The thing is, Reddit hates marketing. They like helpful content by hate marketing. The key to market on Reddit is to provide lots of value. Do not focus on selling. Focus on value.

If you want to give this site a try, focus on 2 steps:

  1. Find relevant subreddits. Find your niche.
  2. Provide valuable content. Once you have found your subreddit, make a long post that has a lot of value. Then include, a link to your site at the start and the end.

Yes, yes I know what you are saying. You think it is dead.

But, Google+ has gone through a lot of changes. If you compare it to when it first debuted and today, you won’t even recognize it.

Yes, it isn’t as large as Facebook or Twitter but that’s is not why you are here.You want to find an engaging audience in which you can attract new visitors and Google+ gives you just that. There are still hundreds of thousands of members as of today.

Google+ has two features that are of importance to you.

  1. Communities
  2. Collections

The communities work like Facebook groups. Members are able to post content and chat with another. They are great for sharing your unique content.

Collections, however work a different way. They allow you to group all your posts by topic. Other people then can follow your collection to keep themselves updated  to when you post.

When you use this site, make sure to create collections and join communities. Only join relevant ones, and interact a lot with them.

Now, this is a very unique site. is basically a hub for personal pages.

This seems limiting right? You can’t post things or follow anyone. What’s more is that it’s personal.

But wait, as an entrepreneur, this is a gold mine. This site will allow you to reach an unique audience. It will act as an online business card.

Stack Exchange follow a format like Quora. It is a Q and A site which has over a 100 communities. Unlike Quora, Stack Exchange is also broken up into other smaller communities. Those communities are only Question and Answers. There is no discussion, no chit-chat.


Okay, “you gave me this list but why should I use these sites when there are bigger platforms out there and it doesn’t even answer how to get traffic from social media?” is probably the question you have right now.

Here is the thing. Don’t stop using Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Just add more of them to your list.

These smaller sites are a worthy investment so just pick one and try it for a month. By expanding your reach to many social platforms, your viewer base will naturally grow. They will then migrate to your traffic which is what you want!

You won’t be disappointed.

Do you know how to get traffic from social media from any other methods? Do you use any of these social media shared above? Share your experience below.