Speed Up your wordpress page load time

Free Plugins to Speed Up Your WordPress Site: Is your WordPress website slow? If so, you know you need to fix this fast. Every second your wordpress page load time continues to be sluggish, is every second it negatively affects your SEO ranking. So, how can you fix this?  Well in this post I will be showing you the top WordPress site speed Optimization plugins that will speed up your wordpress page load time.

So how do you decrease the wordpress page load time of your site? With this post, will share top free WordPress site speed plugins that will help you to speed up your site’s performance so that it will increase the site’s traffic. There are couple of sites where you can “Check And Analyze Your Site’s Speed And Make It Faster“.

How to speed up wordpress website

1WP Fastest Cache

Source: WP Fastest Cache

Any list talking about how to speed up wordpress page load time must include this plugin. WP Fastest Cache is one of the best speed enhancing plugins in the market today. This plugin automatically modify .htaccess file. It comes with many great features and is easy to use. This is the best WordPress speed plugin.


  1. Generating static html files from your dynamic WordPress blog
  2. Minify Html
  3. Minify Css
  4. Enable Gzip Compression
  5. Leverage browser caching
  6. Combine CSS
  7. Combine JS
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2WP Super Cache

WP Super Cache is one of the most widely used, plugin. It can drastically reduce your wordpress page load time for your website.  As of current it has over 5.5 million users. It is a simple plugin that also comes with advanced features for advanced users.


  1. PHP caching.
  2. Compress pages.
  3. Don’t cache pages for known users.
  4. Cache rebuild.
  5. CDN support.
  6. Extra homepage checks
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W3 Total Cache

Just like WP super cache, this plugin is also a popular plugin that many users use. This plugin is not a plugin but more of a complete framework to fulfill all your needs.

It contains many options with multiple caching methods that are supported. However, it is important to note that this plugin is not for beginners, as having so many useful features also comes with a not so easy setup.


  • CDN support
  • Brower caching
  • Database caching
  • Minifying
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3WP Super Minify

 This plugin combines JS, Html and CSS files so they can be compressed which reduces loading times and speed up your WordPress site.

WP Super Minify plugin should be used very carefully as it can conflict with other plugins. However, it gives an option to disable the compression in case of any conflicts.


  • Easy to use
  • Minifies JS, Html and CSS
  • Safety switch in case of errors
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4P3 Plugin Profiler

Yes, this is a Go Daddy Plugin. Yes, I also don’t like Go Daddy but this is one of the best things Go Daddy has done.

This plugin at installation will scan your website and give you a list of plugins that are slowing down your website. Then it will give you a detailed breakdown of how long each plugin takes to load and its impact on the website.


  • Gives full profile of all plugins that are slowing down your website
  • Debug mode
  • Detailed Timeline view
  • Option to use your IP address
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Speeding up your wordpress website is extremely important for SEO. Slow wordpress page load time often results in reduced rankings and causes traffic to leave your website for good. But lucky for you, by using any of the plugins shared above you will be able to decrease your wordpress page load time.

Did I miss any? Do you have any other methods on to speed up a wordpress website? Share it with me below!