The Most Effective Lead Generation Strategy for Content Marketers

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A business cant survive without attracting leads. If you don’t generate quality leads, your business is going to suffer. That is just how it is.

This is also one of the most challenging areas of marketing for people. You can see how this is an equation for disaster.

The problem for most people lies in their lead generation marketing plan.

1Writing Great Content

Okay, this probably doesn’t seem like a strategy but here me out.

As a marketer, the most important thing should be your content.

Content is King.

In fact, a survey done by DemandGen states that “51% of B2B buyers rely more on content to research and make B2B purchasing decisions than they did a year ago.”

Remember that when you write content that is excellent, it has the potential to go viral. That will funnel in more leads that you can send out to your autoresponder.

The strategy can be summed up in a few steps:

  1. Attract leads by using blogs,keywords and social media
  2. Covert those leads to giving you, their email
  3. Start earning their trust and loyalty
  4. Sell them something.

And for all this to happen, you need to create useful content.

2Create a Good Incentive or Offer

The amount of success you will have with this lead generation marketing plan will depend on the quality of what you are offering/giving away.

You need to create an offer that is hard to find. Basically, give away something that has great value.

It needs to be something that your readers will get even if they didn’t know they wanted it.

There are lots of opportunities in the market today so make use to them.

Don’t just jump to ebooks because there are many other types of incentives you can offer that work. Things like:

  • Checklists
  • Exclusive Videos
  • Cheat Sheet

3Sharing Case Studies

Case studies are the most powerful triggers to get leads to follow you. People just like reading case studies because it motivates them to get the same result.

People today, are tired of how-to type of articles. They want real practical tips and proof that those tips work.

A case study does that for him.

Basically, if you want to better lead generation, you need to try doing a case study.


A lead generation marketing plan requires experimentation. You need to visit a lot of websites and see what they are doing. Test out those techniques as well.

Once you succeed, just repeat it again and again.

But if you use any of the strategies listed above, you will raise your chances of lead generation. Just pick one of them, and try it.

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