How To make your Content Marketing Quick, Easy and More Profitable

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I know and you do too, that consistent content creation can be very painful.

Writers block to finding engaging and interesting topics for your readers are just some of the problems you will find when writing new content.

But, you also know that you cant just stop. Blogging is a long time investment and stopping early is just a waste of time. Building a foundation for traffic is very important when you start advertising.

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But you already know this. What you want to know is, how you can advertise your content effectively and see a large ROI through those efforts.

Well, here is some content marketing advice to make your Content Marketing quick and profitable!

1Start thinking of Content differently

What are you trying to accomplish with your post? What are your goals?

Your ultimate goal should be getting every piece of content you write to every possible reader you can get it to, without wasting a lot of time.

What is important here is that, if you find you are spending a majority of your time creating content but not enough on promotion, all your posts will never find any exposure at all.

Ask you self these questions:

  1. How am I going to use my time to promote this?
  2. Where should I start?

2Using Channels that work for you

This is the most important step. Many bloggers, after they post will jump to social media specifically Facebook or Twitter.

This however shouldn’t be the case. You as a marketer have plenty of options for promotions and you should just waste all your time on one.

The key here is Efficiency. You should only use platforms where you are able to interact with your audience and grow close to them.

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. What platform gets me closer to my audience?
  2. How do I improve my reach on that platform?

Generating More Social media traffic can be hard but if you use the right platforms and put in the time and effort  to improve your reach on those platforms, you will be able to get more exposure.

3Re-purpose Your Content

Re-purposing your content is very important and work like a charm when you have the right channels on.

Even though, this takes a lot more time then just publishing your work on social platforms, it will also expand your reach.

This is starting to become even more true today, in an era where content that is text-based isn’t enough.

Make sure to re-purpose your content frequently and see the magic happen in front of your eyes.


The only way to get a positive ROI is by constantly republishing and re-purposing all your posts.

This will take a lot of time and may seem daunting but don’t worry. The more time you put into promotion, the easier it will become.

Remember that just pressing the publish button isn’t enough. You need to promote your content and if you aren’t taking the steps to start promoting properly, you need to rethink what you are doing. By following this content marketing advice you will be able to rethink your strategy to make it more effective.

Is there any other content marketing advice you have? What are your experiences?

Share them below!