Are you getting a great ROI from your content marketing efforts? or are you actually driving readers away because of your poor content marketing tactics?

Content marketing is the best marketing technique for generating leads. It is cheap, quick and efficient.

But a small amount of blunders can ruin all your efforts, scaring your readers away. Here are some thing to keep in mind when looking for content marketing ideas for use in a campaign

5 Content Marketing Blunders to Fix

1Not Knowing who your Customers Are

Your customers are the reason you are in business. Without them you wouldn’t even have a business. People always put out articles but they don’t even know who they are writing for.

That is a terrible strategy, especially for marketing.

You need to identify your target audience to be able to create a good content marketing strategy and look for .

However, identify them isn’t enough. You need to know what they believe in, what they want, and what can trigger their interest.

Engage and Connect with your Audience. This can be done in many ways some being:

  1. Soical Media
  2. Conducting a Survey

The knowledge you will earn through these effort is going to be huge in helping provide your audience their needs. If you do this, your content will have great value for them.

Basically, you need to define your target audience because of 3 main reasons:

  1. Ensure that you are creating the right content for the right people
  2. Better understand how to full-fill what readers need.
  3. Increase Conversions

2Bad Content

Now this can be an obvious reason that many skip over. Have you read through your content? Have you had others read through it?

Maybe your audience is tired of bad content.

If this is the case, regardless of any effort you put in, you will not get good results.

You need to create quality content that answers the following questions:

  1. Is it informative?
  2. Can readers take action on it?
  3. Is it engaging?

Bad content will leave your reader unfulfilled. It will cause them to look for other providers to information, and leave your website without even looking at other articles.

This will increase your bounce rate, a really important factor for search engines take into account when ranking websites.

Make sure to figure out if you are publishing bad content and fix it. You always need to be publishing good content.

3Belief that More Content = More Traffic

This is completely false. You have probably read on the internet that one of the best ways to increase your ranking and trust on Google is to update your blog consistently.

However, that doesn’t mean filling it up with borderline content.

It is way better just to publish one quality article a week than to post 7 average ones.

Make sure to spend time on each article you work on.

The name of the game is Quality over Quantity.

4Being Money-Minded

Okay,  I know many users start blogging for the money. It is also important to set a goal that is money-related if you want to grow.

However, many of you content marketers always put money over your audience. This is just wrong.

Your main objective is to spread information, and educate your readers.

After you have done this, you can follow it up with the marketing of a product that helps with what you just shared.

Don’t mix things up when you are making your marketing strategy. Doing this will give people the impression that you are just there to sell a product and not give them anything in return.

Readers first, Products later.

5Failing to Proofread

As students in school, we were always told to proof read. They were right, because this is very true.

If you fail to proof read, you will be creating a recipe for disaster.

Not only will you come off as being not professional but also the quality of writing will go down. (Remember Mistake 2)

We don’t want that.

Always Remember to Proof Read!

Don’t make Silly Mistakes

You have probably wondered why you aren’t getting great results from your campaigns.

Now go back through your posts and compare them with the list here. Did you do any of these mistakes?

If yes, make the adjustments.

This will not only save your business from crumbling under its weight but also have a positive impact on readers.