Wordpress is a free publishing software and content management system (CMS) that is based on PHP and MySQL. The software is open-source allowing developers to create a wide array of plug-ins, themes and widgets.


How To Improve Your SEO By Using Outbound Links

Improving your SEO is something everyone that owns a website wants to do. And when it comes to SEO, most owners speak about inbound links...
exit intent pop up

The Best Exit-Intent Pop-up plugins for WordPress

Did you know over 70% of all the visitors on your website never come back again unless a subscription is offered? Because of this reason,...

How to increase your website ranking using Overlooked SEO Factors

SEO is something every website owner worries about. They know that they need to have a higher SEO and in order to improve their...
Speed Up your wordpress page load time

Free Plugins to Speed Up Your WordPress Site

Free Plugins to Speed Up Your WordPress Site: Is your WordPress website slow? If so, you know you need to fix this fast. Every...
Website Speed Test

Check And Analyze Your Site’s Speed And Make It Faster

Check And Analyze Your Site’s Speed And Make It Faster: Speed test gives you insight on how well your website loads and gives recommendations so...

5 WordPress Plugins to Create High Converting Landing Pages

Getting higher conversions and sales is something every business wants to improve on. They know that generating traffic to their website takes a lot...
The best wordpress affiliate marketing theme

Most Popular WordPress Themes for Amazon Affiliates

Amazon Affiliates WordPress Themes: Do you want to monetize your WordPress website using Amazon affiliate program? It is known that Affiliate commissions are one...


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