content marketing ideas for use in a campaign

5 Common Content Marketing Mistakes that are Scaring your Readers away

Are you getting a great ROI from your content marketing efforts? or are you actually driving readers away because of your poor content marketing...

How to get backlinks to your website by using 5 Untapped Sources

Back-links are a key part of a website. They can bring in a lot of traffic and increase your domain authority. But creating backlinks for...
Gain Traffic

How To Gain Traffic by using your Competitor’s Branded Keywords

Can using your competition's brand name in your content help get you more traffic? Should you use their keywords on your website to get more...

The Ultimate Guide on how to start ecommerce website

How to Build Your First Online Store? In the past, when opening a business a person had to go though many steps like buying land at...
Growing Addiction

The growing addiction of the internet

What is Internet Addiction? In today’s world the internet is the driving factor of basically everyone’s life. Everything in today’s world is in one...
Engaging Email

How To Write Engaging Emails For Your Campaign

You probably get a lot of emails. From spam to important ones, email is the most popular way to send information, ask questions and check...
Circle Photo -Techiff

How to Create Circle Photo with PicMonkey for your Blog

In this Tutorial, I’ll explain you how to Create photo with PicMonkey– a free leading web-based photo editor. PicMonkey is my favorite photo editor...
What is the best way to run a facebook competition

How to Use Facebook Contests to Grow Your Company

Facebook Contests are free. People love free stuff. "Free" things can ramp up the value of anything and have incredible influence. By running contests for your audience...
how to get backlinks to my website

How to make More Back-links using the Reverse Image search

Did you know that using Google's reverse image search can get you more back-links? Back-links as you should know by now, are extremely important for...
how to monetize a blog

How to Start Making Money From Your Small Blog

When it comes to a lifestyle-friendly business, blogging seems to fit just that. Who would think writing could make you so much money? But...


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