How to Build Your First Online Store?

In the past, when opening a business a person had to go though many steps like buying land at the perfect place, purchasing the most qualitative products, interviewing and selecting the best employees. But today, none of this applies. Today we can run a business online. The global E-commerce market as of today is worth over 1.6 trillion US dollars.

Many companies have opened dozens of stores, all which generate money, in the millions! Many think that online businesses require a large initial investment however that is not the case. Anyone can create an online store, all without breaking your bank.

The following questions will help guide you in how to start ecommerce website.

1What do you want to sell?

Come up with a few ideas on what exactly you are going to offer on your website. Do you want to sell clothes, furniture, jewelry, etc? Start by keeping your board and narrow down to specific items.

For inspiration, look for some products that are trending right now. It is important what whatever products you offer will have a broad group of customers and that your products have demand for them. You want to make sure the market is large enough for competition and you.

2Who is going to buy your product?

Brainstorm groups who are going to buy be willing to pay for our product. Consider things like age, gender, location, interests, etc. Thoroughly researching your target customers will help you sell more products online. It will direct you to the right sources which will build traffic on your website and keep the costs down.

This is called demographic-based advertising. With online marketing methods like this, you are sure to attract more customers to your website for a significantly lower cost.

3Where will you sell your items?

This graph is clearing showing the rapid increase in global mobile users

Online! Of course. But exactly where – will you have just a website online or will you also offer an app for mobile users.

Most of the activity online, nowadays, is done by two devices:

  1. A laptop/computer or
  2. A phone

ComScore states that the usage of mobile devices has drastically increased over the years, to the point that it has taken over computers!

The easier it is to access your store, the more it will generate profit. Creating an app will help with this. What you want to do is, create a mobile friendly website and an app that will allow you to sell your product. This way you are able to reach across all platforms.

4How well can you display your products?

Customers will buy what they like. In online selling, product photography is key for increased profits.

Poor photography will make your product look dull and will not convince your customer to buying it. Make sure to show you’re the products from all sides. Including a close-up shot will help. It will enable the buyer to see it, as if he or she is seeing it at a store.

Note : If you’re planning to sell things like furniture, be sure to include details like how big it is, what it is made out of etc. 

Building an online store today is very easy. It isn’t as complicated as it use to be. Once you have done all the paperwork involved with doing business in whatever country you are in, making the actual store is pretty easy. Just make sure to answer the questions in the post and you will be in a great spot for starting your own online store!

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