5 WordPress Plugins to Create High Converting Landing Pages


Getting higher conversions and sales is something every business wants to improve on. They know that generating traffic to their website takes a lot of time and effort and converting those visitors to customers takes even more effort.

Sending out emails, setting up campaigns or creating ads is takes time and hard work.

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The obvious questions that pops into the mind is, so how do I convert my visitors that will allow me to save time?

Well the answer is driving your traffic to specific ways and that can be tricky. While most people think their homepage, it isn’t always the best option. Your campaign should be direct your traffic to specific pages that are designed to convert for that ad or product you are promoting.

What you want to do is make specific landing pages for specific purposes that will convert your traffic.

Top Landing Page Plugins

Directing visitors to landing pages is one of the best ways to convert them to customers.

But what is a landing page?

Well a landing page is a page that you will direct your traffic to. It is built with a specific purpose in mind may that be selling a product or service, gaining subscribers or having people sign up for something like a free trail.

Your landing page must be designed in a way that will achieve the purpose you have in mind.

But before jumping right in it is important to know the elements of well-designed landing pages.

Elements of landing pages

The most importing thing to keep in mind while making landing pages to remember to keep them consistent with the ad or campaign you are promoting.

Even though there is no exact formula to making high converting landing pages, it is important to keep in mind the following rules.

  • Always have a nice-looking heading
  • Have concise headlines
  • Make sure the grammar on your page is correct
  • Have some testimonials
  • Use a strong call to action
  • Put some interaction onto the site (buttons etc.)
  • Experiment

Now that you know what landing pages are and what elements make them great, let’s go over what you should be looking for in landing page plugins and what some of the most popular ones are.

Landing Pages Elements

What you should be looking for in Landing Page plugins

  1. The most important thing, is drag and drop functionality. If you aren’t comfortable from build the page from scratch this feature is a must. Good thing is most plugins nowadays include drag and drop functionality.
  1. Split Testing. The only way you are going to improve your landing pages is by being able to test multiple versions of them and being able to implement their best features.
  2. Finally, a responsive design. This means that your plugin must have mobile responsiveness as over 50% of traffic comes from mobile devices.

The Most Popular Landing Page Plugins

OptimizePress will allow you to create stunning landing pages using a visual editor that will also allow you to see all the changes you make live.

Filled with lots of drag and drop components, this plugin will allow you to design many landing pages for almost any type of page be it marketing, sales or subscriptions.

It has many free templates, you can use directly.

Optimizepress Templates

This landing page wordpress plugin also allows you to make landing pages from scratch. This is one of its best features as even those that aren’t technically proficient can make any landing page they find interesting from scratch.

Price: $97 for core package, $197 for the publisher one, and $297 for pro package.

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Branded as being the fastest landing page builder for WordPress, this is another landing page wordpress plugin that will create high converting landing pages. Like OptimizePress, you don’t have to be technically proficient to create landing pages on this plugin.

Thrive landing is optimized for speed as it pays special attention to the loading time for your page. Which is a great feature as it will prevent google from giving you penalties because the site is too slow.  Other features include split testing and performance analytics.

162 Templates Currently Available in the Plugin

Thrive TemplatesThrive also allows you to capitalize on 404 error pages by placing opt-in forms on each 404 page that will ask the visitor to sign up for the information they were looking for.

Thrive landing page wordpress plugin is one of the best plugins to create high converting landing pages with.

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This landing page wordpress plugin is an easy drag and drop landing page builder that will allow you to make responsive designs. It has over 100 templates for you to choose from incase speed is one of the factors you are looking for.

InstaBuilder will allow you to control every part of your design and function.

Price: $77 for single site, $97 for multi-site and $197 for developer license

Additional features include:

  • Lockable Content
  • Opt-in Firewalls
  • Built-in Image editor
  • Built-in graphics pack
  • Analytics

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Landing pages is a plugin that is mostly geared towards your email list and growing it. But it comes with a great visual editor that will allow you to change the view of your landing page and view it live. It will allow you to optimize your campaigns by using the conversion statistics it provides you.

This plugin also has lots of pre-made designs and allows you to make your own from scratch.

If you want a free landing page wordpress plugin that will be able to do just as good as a job the premium ones do, Landing Pages if for you.

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Parallax Gravity allows you to make unlimited landing pages that are not only responsive and but also SEO friendly.

Since landing pages are created for specific campaigns which can expire, this plugin also allows you to redirect those expired specific pages to custom URL’s.

This plugin also supports google analytics.

Price: $17 for single-site license

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In conclusion

Landing pages are a great way to convert your traffic and they should be made in a specific way for specific campaigns. Being so popular, there are many plugins out there for WordPress that will help you make landing pages so knowing which is best for you can be hard but remember, choose the plugin that has features you are looking for.