A Complete Guide To Mobile Marketing


In today’s world, mobile marketing is best way to market.

Over 80% of internet users have a smartphone while they are over 60% of digital media time for people in the US.

Search Queries from mobile devices actually exceed desktop searches today.

What this means, is that effective marketing on the mobile phone can bring in waves and waves of customers and unique traffic.

Sadly, many marketers who know the importance of mobile advertising still make big seo mistakes that ends up depriving them of traffic.

The Mobile SEO Mistakes

Lack of a Responsive Design

What is a responsive design you ask?

A responsive design simple means that all text, images and the structure of a responsive site will stay the same on any device. For example, if a user accesses my site on a desktop, they will get a full view of the site while mobile viewers will get a smaller version, more fitted version of the site for the smaller screen.

However, none of the images or content will disappear.

Having a responsive site is very important.

Responsive sites will allow you to reach more clients and decrease costs. Having a responsive site can also boost satisfaction among customers and will over all give you an edge on your competition.

Slow Mobile Page Load Speed

People hate slow pages. The average internet user has an extremely short attention span and will not wait longer then 5 seconds for a page to load.

Publishers whose mobile sites that have fast load pages have been shown to have higher ad viewability and longer sessions on their sites.

Remember if your website takes to long to load, many visitors will leave before they even see anything.

Aside from that, Google itself has said that it will punish slow pages and lower their ranking.

If you have this problem see:

These two mistakes are by far the most common ones you will see.

So, how exactly should you attack mobile marketing?

Mobile Marketing Strategy

Buyers On Mobile

The first  step to selling anything is to understand who you are selling it to. Creating a profile on your audience is extremely important.

Once you are able to do so, determining the how and where you will send your message becomes extremely easy.

Your profile should include a few important things:

  1. Web usage on Mobile
  2. Does your audience know how to buy on a mobile?

These simple questions can have profound implications.

Set Your Goals

I have said this many times and a many more are to come. The key to doing anything whether in business or in your personal life, is by creating a strategy to meet your goal.

You can carry out this by just asking a few questions:

  • Why do you want to market on the mobile?
  • If you already market on the smart phone, how is it going? Can you improve any of your tactics or do you need new ones?
  • What is your main aim in trying to market ?
  • How will your audience react to this?

Create Your KPI’S

Everything that relates to marketing will need to be tested at some point and optimized. KPIs will help you do this.

So what are KPIs?

Well KPIs are a simple checklist you can use to measure the effect of your marketing.

You can learn more about how to create them here.

Monitor Your Marketing

Google analytics is the best way you can check mobile usage on your site.

This will show if your strategy is working and can hint at keywords that may optimize your website for mobile traffic.


A mobile marketing strategy wont work if its the only thing you are doing. It is suppose to be built into your marketing campaign.

Optimizing your website and every type of advertisement/marketing for both mobile and desktop users is extremely important.

Mobiles aren’t going anywhere. They are going to grow. The sooner you change and implement a mobile marketing strategy, the better you will be in the future.

So go on! Start mobile marketing today!