How To Build Back links as A New Blogger

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Back links. Maybe you heard this word from a friend or read an online article that mentioned it.

Whatever the case maybe, you are probably wondering what back-links are and how to build a back-link strategy.

But at the same time, you also realize you are a nobody in the market so the question arises, why would people link to you?

However, don’t be discouraged. Despite the odds, you don’t need to be a somebody in order to build back links. There are millions and billions of ways to build back links that don’t require you to be famous.

But before we look at five different ways to make backlinks when you are new, it is important that we discuss what back links are and what type of back links you should be aiming for.

Types of Back links

Back links are simply links from other websites that link to you. While, it may seem easy to make these, there are certain rules we need to keep in mind.

One should never hire black hat agencies to create backlinks for them.

There is a reason they are called “black hat” agencies.

The strategies these agencies use are risky, unethical and never help your ranking. Their tactic is to link your site to other websites that are low domain authority, spam and many times inactive.

White hat SEO is seo that builds back-links and rankings through trusted websites that have good domain authority.

This is very good as your domain authority, external links and the strength of those external links are the first factors google looks at when ranking a post.

The point is while it is tempting many times to use black hat agencies to build back links, they are more risky and less effective in increasing rankings over time.

While it will take a longer time to build your authority using white hat SEO tactics, you will not only be safer in the long term, but also increase your rankings drastically.

Now, that you have learned what back links are and why you should aim for high quality back links, lets dive into five ways you can use to create backlinks when you are new.

1Creating And Using Public Relations

Creating relationships is essentially in order to create back links. Ultimately, they are all that matter when creating back links.

If people don’t know you, they won’t link to you. So creating public relationships is how to start changing that. It is the same as prepping wood for a fire so you can light it later on.

One of the easiest ways to accomplish this, is by being an active user on social medias and establishing yourself as an expert in the industry.

As you start and stay active on social media, you will interact with people. That is where you will get opportunities to meet others, guest blog, or do a video call.

So when these opportunities come, don’t pass them up.

A guest post can turn into a back link very quickly and establishing yourself as an expert in itself will bring in more traffic to your website.

Additionally you can also use your social media to create email lists. While it may seem how email lists aren’t even related to back links, remember the fastest way to create back links is through relationships.

And email lists are relationships waiting to be tapped.

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2Writing Great Content

At the heart of everything online lies a great piece of content.

If your content is not worth linking to, no one will. Even your relationships won’t help you there.

It’s really simple.

When a website sports nothing but dull, wordy content it does nothing for the website. People don’t want to link to posts that aren’t interesting.

In order to get links to your content, you need to make your content better then those of your competitors. The easiest way to do this is by looking at your competitors posts and keeping a few things in mind.

  1. How many images are there?
  2. What is the word count?
  3. Is the title interesting?
  4. What is a featured image?
  5. What is the meta description?

Now, in your articles make sure to include more images then the ones present in one of your competitors post.

Make sure to write long form content, create a compelling title and use interesting featured images.

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3Link Externally

So how can this help you create back links for yourself?

How does spending time linking to others help you get a link to yourself?

Well believe it or not, helping other website is just a side effect. Linking externally is helping with your own seo, be in indirectly.

Imagine this scenario.

You read an article on another website that you like very much. So much, that you link to their website and reach out to them to let them know that you loved the article and shared it on your own website.

In this scenario, you are actually building a relationship.

And this relationship could end up giving you a back link in the future.

4Comment on Other Blog Posts

Another way to create a relationship is simply by commenting on other people’s content.

However, keep a few things in mind.

You might be thinking this is an opportunity to just include a link to your post in the comment, the purpose of the comment should be building a relationship with the author.

In other words, while you may include a link to your own post in the comment, make sure the main idea of the comment is to build on the post and start the process of building a relationship.


You are new in the market.

You want to build back links but no one knows you.

So how can you build backlinks when you are new?

Well, there are five specific ways you can use to create back links. All these strategies have been tested through and through.

However, remember one thing, the rule to building back links is to create relationships.

What strategies do you use to create back links? What did you find the most useful when you were new?

Share your thoughts below!