How to get backlinks to your website by using 5 Untapped Sources

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Back-links are a key part of a website. They can bring in a lot of traffic and increase your domain authority.

But creating backlinks for new and small websites can be very hard. I bet you are thinking the same question they are: “how to get backlinks to your website.” Well consider yourself lucky, because here are some of the absolute best untapped back-link sources you could ask for!


All companies love testimonials. They want to show off how great their product and service is and testimonials are the best way to do that.

If you are using a product or service you really like, send them a testimonial. Tell them that they can put it on their front page or on their testimonial page.

And often they will put a link to your website just to show you are a real person.

how to get backlinks to your website

2Blogger Reviews

If you have a product or service that you sell, you can use it to create lots of high quality backlinks!


Well by offering that product or service to bloggers for free.

You can do this by:

  1. Finding bloggers in your niche that will be interested in your product.
  2. Reaching out through them with an email. Make sure to be very careful about your language. Do not ask for a link or review. That is against Google Webmaster Guidelines.

3Link Reclamation

What does this mean?

Well you want to find mentions of your website, company or product that aren’t linking back to you.

Once you find them, Simply email this person and ask them to insert your link.

Here is how to do it:

  1. Use tools like Buzzsumo to find mentions of you.
  2. Check if they have linked to your site. If not, see step 3.
  3. Reach out to them and ask them for a link.

4Submit your Website to Feedback sites

There are lot of sites are made to give feedback on conversion potential or the layout of your website.

And 99% of them allow you to link your site.

It’s simple. Just submit your site with a description of how you want to improve it.

5Submit your Website to Blog Aggregators

What are blog aggregators?

Well they list all the quality blog in different industries. Simply:

  1. Submit your site
  2. Add a special HTML code to confirm you are the owner
  3. Wait. Wait for someone to stop by and look at your website.

When they approve it, easy backlink!


Making Back links is a difficult process. Many new bloggers just don’t know where they can make back links and you might be like them, always thinking “how to get back links to your website” but never knowing where you can make them. But by using these untapped back-link sources you will not only be able to make plenty of back links but also raise your ranking.

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