Adylkuzz- The next major cyberattack threat

Last month, WannaCry ransom-ware attack hit thousands of computers around the world. Causing important data to be lost on a massive scale, WannaCry cost the globe millions of dollars. But now, hackers are using the same ‘ETERNALBLUE’ vulnerability that WannaCry used to make another piece of malware: Adylkuzz.

1What is Adylkuzz?

Adylkuzz, originally discovered by ProofPoint, is cryptocurrency miner. What this means is that, Adylkuzz taps into your computer’s hardware resources and uses it to mine cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, Litecoin etc. Though at first glance this doesn’t seem bad, it is costing the owner of the operating device money as their desktop computer or laptop isn’t powerful enough to mine these types of currency.

For more information about cryptocurrency miners, visit this article: cryptocurrency miners explained.

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2How does Adylkuzz infect a computer?

Adylkuzz, according to ProofPoint works by launching an attack form several private virtual servers that scan the internet on a specific port (TCP port 455) for targets. Once a target has been found and successfully exploited, machines are infected with a software called DoublePulsar. Doublepulsar, which is a backdoor then downloads and runs Adylkuzz. For more information visit, ProofPoint.

3Telling if you are infected and disinfecting your computer

Due to its stealthy nature, Adylkuzz is very hard to detect without having a proper anti-virus program installed. The only thing you will notice is a sudden slowdown in the performance of your PC as Adylkuzz mines cryptocurrency using your hardware. The only way to detect Adylkuzz is to have a working anti-virus program installed and run a scan.

If Adylkuzz is found, disinfecting your computer can be achieved by using the following steps:

  1. Patch Windows. This means simply allowing your windows OS to download its latest updates either by having it done automatically or manually selecting the patch from the Microsoft Update Catalog. Mac users, skip this step.
  2. Download Spyhunter. Spyhunter is a free anti-malware and virus scanner that will remove Adylkuzz and all other viruses from your PC. It is important to note that to remove the infection, you will need to purchase its full version.

NOTE: If you don’t want to use Spyhunter, there is a manual way available. This method is only for users that know they will be able to correctly identify the Trojan and correctly delete its files. This method comes with a risk as you will be dealing with vital files that may corrupt your OS if you delete the wrong files.

 For the manual method visit the following page: Adylkuzz virus remove