4 Creative Ways that You can use To Make Money Online

source: Pixabay

The idea of a side business to make money online is a great one. For some of us, it is because we want to do more with our free time, for others it is to help pay the bills.

But how exactly can a person do this?

There are already millions of articles that tell you how to make money online, but many are wrong while others scam.

Here is a list of the best, creative ways to make money online for you:

1Opening an Online Store

Today, people without any retail experience can open online stores and sell products on them.

In the past, when opening a business a person had to go though many steps like buying land at the perfect place, purchasing the most qualitative products, interviewing and selecting the best employees.

But today, none of this applies. Today we can run a business online. The global E-commerce market as of today is worth over 1.6 trillion US dollars. This is a lot of money.

So get out there and open your first online store!

2Use your Website as A job Application

Freelancing isn’t a new thing. But many freelancers spend time trying to find work, instead of actually working.

Using your website like an application makes it so much easier for you to find work to do.

Your website, should just show a lot of your work and what you can offer to others.

Basically, you want to create a website and then share your work on sites bigger than yours. From there, you just need to make it easy for people to contact you.

That’s it!

3Live Stream

Live streamed videos are a great way to earn money. Platforms like Twitch, YouTube Live or Peeks make it easy for you as a live streamer to earn money from those videos.

How it works is, you live stream content. Things like advice, games, entertainments, events etc. People then watch you but instead of liking, they can donate money to you.

4Review Apps and Websites

Brands always want their products to create great user experience and they need real people to testify that it indeed does.

Use platforms like User Testing and get paid for sharing your thoughts on products.

Eventually, you can add Product Tester to your resume, which will help you get work outside these platforms too.

Give this a try!


On the internet, there are many ways to make money online. Some don’t work, others are scam, while others are boring. But these 4 methods are my favorites because they are creative and pay better than the traditional ways.

Now, go out there and get started.


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