50 Ways to Get High Quality BackLinks for your Blog in 2017

how to build high quality backlinks
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SEO is usually divided into on site and off site SEO. Off site SEO is what we are going to focus in today. For SERP’s to increase your website ranking you need to have quality links from authority sites.

If you are reading this post, you already know the importance of search engine traffic and high quality backlinks.

In this post, I will be listing 50 ways through which you can make high quality backlinks for your blog.

Before we dive in though, here are some tips when making back links:

  • Avoid site wide link from footer
  • Don’t buy exact anchor text link
  • Stay away from bulk links
  • Remember that directory links aren’t effective anymore

50 Ways to build Quality Links:

  1. Submit Guest Post to Other Blogs

2. Comment on blogs and include the link to your website. Make sure these blogs have high domain authority.

3.  Start Relevant Threads in Forums and Link to Your Blog Posts

4. Link to Your Blog in Your Niche

5. Social bookmark because this is also considered backlinking

6. Link your blog in Discussion boards like Quora

7.  Use Blogging Communities by Submitting Your Blog Posts to Them, some places to start: Blog Engage, Inbound

8. Ask Questions related to your blog in Answer Sites like Yahoo Answers and Link to Your Blog in your questions

9. Answer Questions in Yahoo Answers and Cite Your Blog as the Source

10. Interlink your blog in all your posts

11. Exchange links with other bloggers in your niche.

12. Submit Your Blog to Top Blogging directories. Quality Matters

13. Write a mail to large people who write on the same niche and encourage them to share it on social network. Don’t ask for a link as it is against google webmaster guidelines.

14. Submit your blog to niche directories

15. Network with other bloggers in your niche

16. Submit your blog posts to all social sites you know

17. Submit your blog to top social networking sites

18. Put your articles on Stumble upon

20. Work on making your blog viral on top social bookmarking sites. One viral post can make a lot of back-links.

21. Make guides or long tutorial posts on your blog.

22. Make use of press releases, and send press-release about important updates from your blog.

23. Submit your RSS feed to RSS directories.

24. Put up your blog on website review forums

25. Contact your theme designer and tell them to use your website as an example in their portfolio. They might accept.

26. Create and Release a WordPress plugin. Include the link of your website on it.

27. Release a software or compile your ebooks to .exe and submit them to top software sites

28. Convert your blog posts to pdf and submit it to document sharing sites.

29. Review companies and products.

30. Do a weekly post full of backlinks of many bloggers. They will likely return the favor.

31. Interview top bloggers and ask them to help you share on their favorite social networks.

32. Give testimonials for products. Remember to give your link when you do.

33. Make use of web 2.0 sites to promote your blog

35. Write high quality content and you will get strong backlinks

36. Write Controversial posts

37. Write news posts with the intent of being one of the first people to share that news

38.  Design a top bloggers award and give it to as many bloggers as you can in your niche

39. Ask other bloggers to interview you

40. Write linkbait posts.

41. Write “top” list posts because they can go viral easily.

42. Write a post comparing some top bloggers in your niche.

43. Write a post featuring some upcoming bloggers

44. Trade articles with other bloggers in your niche.

45. Submit your site to Dmoz

46. Submit your blog to .edu and .gov forums and blogs

47. Make use of groups like Google Groups and Yahoo Groups

48. Create a Wikipedia Page For Yourself and include your link in the resource section.

50. Write posts that have “the ultimate” in the title.


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