4 Ways To Boost Your Blog Post’s Social Shares

boost your posts social shares

So you have just finished writing and posted an amazing post. It is full of images, and is up to date with the latest SEO rules.

One day later, when you check your analytics, you see that you only have a few social shares. Your amazing post has only received a few likes even after all that effort.

This, believe it or not, is common for many bloggers. There are over a million blog posts published everyday which means increasing social shares becomes one of the hardest things to do.

Luckily, I am going to share with you 4 ways or hacks you can use to gain/boost your posts social shares.

Adding Click To Tweet In Your Posts

When it comes to driving traffic, social shares are extremely important and one of the fastest way to create them is by adding click to sweet.

Here is an example,

What you see here is a click to tweet box. By implementing this in the middle of your posts, you are introducing a call to action, which will increase the chances of getting a social share.

There are a few ways to introduce click to tweet to your posts.

The first one is simply by installing the Click to Tweet Plugin. This plugin will allow you to seamlessly integrate Click to Tweet functionality.

The second way to introduce click to tweet to your posts is by creating basic links to twitter. You simply go to ClicktoTweet’s website and follow all the steps there.

Remember, this is an easy CTA to add to your post and is a great way to boost your posts social shares. Use them!

Highlight-To-Share Tool

Another way to boost your posts social shares is by using highlight-to-share buttons.

These are similar to your normal social share buttons but are implemented differently. When you highlight any text in your post, you will see share buttons pop-up.

Something like this:

What these do, is make your readers lives easier by reducing steps in order to share the post.

All you need to implement these, is by using the Highlight and share plugin for WordPress.

Writing Trendy Topics

The challenge here is to identify trends. You need to be able to predict future trends by studying present ones.

A good place to start would be google trends. Here you will be able to compare several topics, see the latest trending searches, sign up to a daily letter about the latest trend on a keyword of your choice and much more.

Once, you have figured out a trend, all you need to do is write about it. By staying ahead of the crowd, you will not only be one of the first to write about a topic, you will also be able to naturally bring in traffic and increase social shares.

Re-format your Existing Content

Re-purposing your content is an extremely effective tool you should already be using.

People consume things in different ways. Some like videos, others blog posts and some infographics.

By re-creating your content in other formats, you not only open yourself up to new readers but open the door for social shares by making your content more shareable.

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Your Job

Lets get one thing straight. Gaining social shares is a lengthy process and is not something that will happen overnight. It takes time and dedication to increase them.

However, if you stick to the 4 ways shared in this post, I have no doubt you will be able to boost your posts social shares dramatically. Just make sure to produce high quality content and include CTA’s in your posts.

Now its your turn.

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