The introduction of your article plays a important role in your article. It essentially decides whether or not the reader will read the rest of it. If the introduction is good enough, chances are that the reader will want to keep on reading, and sometimes even want to scroll through others. But if it isn’t good, or good enough, he or she will just brush over your post and move on. And chances are that they wouldn’t want to see any of your other posts either. That’s why you should pay so much attention to your introduction. So how do I go about writing a blog introduction?

1Make your first sentence stick

The first sentence of your article is obviously the most important part in writing a blog introduction. It should not only catch the reader’s attention, but it should give them an idea about what the article is about. For Example: How to Write Magnetic Headlines | CopyBlogger. Your goal Is to create an impact on the reader.  Here are four ways to do this:

  1. Use a quote: The quote should be related to the main topic of your article. To create some suspense, pick a quote that is tangent to but not exactly what your post is going to be about.
  2. Create a story: A story gives a firsthand experience of what you did and how things worked out for you, This can give the reader confidence or reassurance that the information in your article is trustworthy.
  3. Ask a question:  Asking a question will encourage the reader to think about what you’re asking and can even potentially persuade them to do what you are going to say in the rest of the article.
  4. Use statistics: Statistics provide accurate information on your topic and make the article ‘sound legit.’ The statistic should be quoted and the person/organization who researched and concluded it should be acknowledged.

2Make it Controversial

The reader usually likes to hear what they believe. Opening your post with statements that are controversial, or are about controversial topics is an easy way to grab the readers’ attention when writing a blog introduction.

However, don’t blankly make statements in the air. Without backing up your statements with accurate stats or proof, the reader is not going to believe what you are saying and that won’t bother reading your articles again.

But don’t depend on this way. Always making your posts about topics that are controversial can make your readers lose interest and mad. They will stop coming to your blog for good.

3Story time

Stories are a great way to catch the reader’s attention quickly. Almost everyone enjoys listening to stories, more so if they are good and entertaining. Like this example, Is there Life After Death?

While writing a blog introduction, use storytelling to get the reader’s attention. Make the story good enough so the person reading wont want to stop until they are done with the entire article. It’s important to keep that suspense factor throughout the whole article and not just your introduction.

Make sure to not get carried away and write a long, boring article. To avoid this, have someone else read it before you publish it. If the person can read it all, without getting distracted, that’s a good story!

4Bottom line

Keep the introduction short and sweet. When your introduction is good, your will know. In simple words, don’t bore your readers with long and boring introductions. Use simple language and make a simple introduction that will grab your reader’s attention.

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